The FIVE Levels of Creation:

The 5000 Year Old Truth Behind How Manifestation Really Works.

With Vanessa Ferraro

Most people believe manifestation begins within the mind, but what if your mind was only one step within a 5-step process?

Led by Tao Master Teacher, Vanessa Ferraro

The FIVE Levels of Creation:

The 5000 Year Old Truth Behind How Manifestation Really Works.

  • Understand The System
  • Transform Your Finances
  • Manifest Without Limits

What You’ll Learn

  •   The #1 key to shifting your health, relationship, and financial challenges
There’s a reason why you haven’t been able to fully heal that health, relationship, or financial block…
and it’s not because you haven’t been trying hard enough. Discover the missing piece of your self-development journey.
  •   How healing ACTUALLY happens
hint: the deepest healing doesn’t happen inside your body, your energy, or your mind.
  •   Why changing your mindset is just the beginning…
Have you ever been curious why some self-development practices feel good in the moment, but don’t lead to 
lasting change? Learn about the layers above the mind that you can access for even greater transformation and healing.

Based on the Teachings of Dr. and Master Sha

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a world-renowned healer, Tao
Grandmaster, 11 x NYT best-selling author, Western medical doctor, Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and National Chinese Calligrapher Master.

Within this masterclass, you’ll learn the ancient universal law that Dr. and Master Sha calls the 5 Levels of Creation.

The 5 Levels of Creation is the foundation of Master Sha’s life’s work. It’s what has allowed him to transform the lives of thousands of people around the world (and teach others how to do the same).

Just by understanding the 5 Levels of Creation, you’ll understand the keys to your deepest healing and transformation.

Meet your host

Vanessa Ferraro is a Certified Tao Master Teacher, International Best-Selling Author, Leading Multi 6-Figure Business Strategist, and Founder and CEO of Soulfully Aligned Inc. Featured on spiritual networks like RA MA TV, Vanessa masterfully bridges strategy with spirituality to lead a new paradigm of business - one that empowers leaders with the systems, skills, and soul they need to serve more people and create more wealth with ease.

What People Are Saying About 5 Levels of Creation…

Lindsey Emerling

As a student of Dr. and Master Sha for over a decade, I can share with you that consistently implementing his teachings are life changing and profound. With these teachings and practices, I have found that I have cultivated a high level of resilience in my physical body, mental/emotional body, and my spiritual body. I find that I'm able to quickly recover from and transform any stressful situations in my life. Additionally, I have experienced a deep sense of peace in my heart. 

Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell

I have always lived my life knowing that profound love and faith are the two most important frequencies to hold. Then I was introduced to the Tao teachings and I learned that you can not only hold these frequencies, you can generate specific ones in order to heal yourself and others. That is when my life took a massive turn from fear and lack to limitless abundance. In less than a year of applying this practice, I became a co-founder of my own flourishing publishing house and my business and relationships began to flourish in incredible ways. I will be forever grateful to Dr. and Master Sha for sharing this powerful technology with the world.

Charise Mofford

Coming across the Tao teachings almost 2 years ago has easily been the biggest blessing of my life. Just being in the field of these Master Teachers and learning the wisdom has been incredibly transformative. I started to move through so many blockages, such as lack of confidence, fear of being seen and heard, fear of owning my power and being of service, and it finally gave me the courage to launch my business! These teachings and practices are truly a gift that keeps on giving; to myself, to Mother Earth, to all my clients, and to all Souls! Thank you Master Sha and the Tao Academy, you have truly blessed my life!

Eddy Tony

I feel blessed to have so many more tools to help my clients on their healing journey. I no longer work alone, but with the power of my team and my Soul. And for my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health- I use these practices and offer myself blessings almost everyday!

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With Vanessa Ferraro
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